May 10, 2017

Food Safety

If you have had a Food Hygiene Rating Scheme or Scores on the Doors inspection and are not happy with the result, we can help. The Environmental Health Officer bases their score on your food hygiene and safety procedures, structural compliance, and their confidence in your management / control procedures.

Food hygiene and safety procedures include all necessary control measures in place to prevent cross-contamination and procedures for safe food preparation, cooking, re-heating, cooling and storage of food demonstrated.

Structural compliance means that the premises and equipment are clean and in good condition and there is evidence of effective pest control and waste disposal provision.

Confidence in management /control procedures is not solely about documented procedures and their implementation. Factors that will influence the officer’s judgement include the ‘track record’ of the company, its willingness to act on previous advice and enforcement, the attitude of the present management towards hygiene and food safety, hygiene and food safety knowledge, including hazard analysis/HACCP and the control of critical points and satisfactory food safety management based procedures.

Failings in any of the above will impact on your score. If you would like assistance to address any failings identified during your inspection, get in touch. We are confident that with the right guidance and commitment, you could obtain a five star rating.

Food safety management and HACCP
A food safety management system consists of the methods you use to ensure the food you produce is safe to eat. The prerequisite requirements (PRP’s) consist of your general controls, such as the checks carried out on deliveries, maintenance of the plant and equipment, pest controls, personal hygiene standards etc. The HACCP part (hazard analysis and critical control point) is specific to food production and identifies potential physical, chemical, biological and allergenic contaminants and what controls are in place to address them

If you need a complete system developing or would like your current one reviewing, are starting out of trying to maintain or achieve BRC, ISO or SALSA accreditation we can assist.